My Architectural and Interior Design Career commenced upon my return from Korea and Japan where I had resided for three years,  working and learning their languages. I was in my late twenties then.

Korea and Japan, combine the intimacy of a dedicated culture with valued characteristics, has an extreme appeal for my aspiration. The duration of my stay there,  has indeed,  broadened my outlook and set my determination to tread on a career path towards a pleasant design ambience.

Existing together, my Bachelor degree at Queensland University of Technology as well as the Master Degree at University of Hong Kong were a distinguished extension of my design training, innovative programs to my personal advancement for the delivery of a strengthening state of keen awareness in understanding, absorbing and employing a gratifying design culture where Chinese, Western, Korean, Japanese characteristics are captured to materialize.

Further on, particularly interested in Traditional Art Evolution, I was given the golden opportunity of researching deeper into the subject topic as a part-time M-Phil student under the invaluable guidance of my most respectful Professor (WJ), though to my innermost regret I was  unable to complete the course, due to unforeseen personal circumstance arisen. (My pain!)

Nevertheless, that exploration had enhanced my professional growth, without a shadow of doubt.

Now rewinding some 20 years backward, my job history started with the Architectural Real Estate Development/Project Management field for several years, ie before embarking onto Korea and Japan.

Down the career path, I had the privilege of stepping into additional aspects covering Commercial Media Movie Shooting, Advertising, Photography, etc.

Many times had my network extended to other continents, not forgetting the provinces of China, of course.

Indeed, my vision consistently broadening abroad has given me newfound confidence and admirable respect for amazing creativity and remarkable professionals, with whom I can have more and more precious moments to share on extensive spatial design architecture, thus able to serve the intensive needs with my genuine appreciation.

I firmly believe that fun and joy are the crucial elements for design and related construction business whilst happy brainstorming atmosphere brings forth ultimate creativity, highest efficiency and productivity.

Thank you very much for viewing my portfolio. May I look forward to sharing fun laughter with you, one day!

Chase J Tsui