Tokyo Design Weeks 2012

ARIGATO involves the giver and the receiver.

The theme of this year tokyo design week was in memory of the love ones after the natural disaster in Japan 2011.  “THAT SHORE” represents the deep meaning of Arigato which implies the rarity of “en” (縁: ties, relationships and links etc.) between people. It is a pier for Japanese people to thank their loved ones and the rest of the world. It is also a place for the world to thank Japan, her people, beauty and culture. The pier has been designed under the inspiration of the geographical and the spiritual aspects of Japan. The plan view resembles a pie chart which has been derived from the area of 47 prefectures, the geographical aspects of Japan. Also in the section view, each level shows the population of each prefecture, the spiritual aspect. Usage of both traditional and contemporary materials such as wood and steel is proposed for the platform and the structure so as to give a sense of continuity. “THAT SHORE”…the pier where the light of Arigatos glow…



ARIGATO_Chase Tsui

Booklet Front

ARIGATO content rotated

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